To cane/beat children as a form or discipline or not

Look, I dont have babies, I have never wanted them. But in the past couple of weeks in light of the unrest and burning going on in our schools, we as adults who have gone on through the system and now have children have debated back and forth on where we are going wrong with the children, and what has come up is should we bring back corporal punishment or nah.


Allow me to debunk that caning thing kidogo. Of all my siblings I was canned the most. I was canned in primary, I was punished in high school, a lot. I have always been chaos, I dunno how to follow rules. My primary school headmistress figured me out, she just gave me really complex literature books, so I spent time on the books instead of jumping on tables disrupting class.
And that came after she gave an assignment, I didn’t do it, but when I was called up to read it. Without shame I stood up and read from a blank page for a full minute.. until she told me to repeat paragraph 2… Jesus๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
At no single time was I canned for the same thing, I would never repeat the same mistake. But I always came up with a new one, and more spectacular. I knew I was doing the wrong things, I was also a bit evil, I stole the neighbours kids things, not because I wanted them, just to piss them off,
I threw my small bros prized Ferrari toy in the pit latrine, he cried for 3 days straight, I had had it with his bragging and boasting about that car up to here. That boy loves me, but I think he has never forgiven me for that one.
One time I convinced that small bro that we arrange stones at the bottom of the hill, I knew he didn’t know that the man with a bicycle will push his bike to top of the hill and then cruise to the bottom. I needed free unquestioning labour. That man once refused to give me a lift.
I was maybe 10. We did the deed, hid in the bush and watched man fall.
Then I laughed.
Unfortunately for me some woman had seen me orchestrating that foolishness. Promptly reported me to mother. I was whipped. You guys me I have been caned, I was caned so much I got used to it. Then only thing that irritated me thoroughly about caning is my mother had to be thanked. You had to thank her after she whooped you. A teacher slapped me once, I slapped her back.. it was pure reflex. I was so bad in primo I was on the list of wrong doers, I be in the list even when I was not there. I was always in the list of noise makers, who remembers the disk? I was the first and the most, I fight in my mother tongue, dholuo, so I had the disk. Always!
Ubaya sasa is I was very clever then, always top of the class ask any maseno girls.. I was not a chop, I just knew things๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
My sister a huge favourite of my parents. Very calm, smart, introvert, was hardly canned. I don’t even remember if she ever was.
She has has shit together. Really she is the only one in my family with her shit together. She be bailing us out of shit every other 2 weeks.
Us who were beaten like burukenge, we are alcoholics doing own things nobody can understand, zero direction, the only reason am not on crack is because a single line is 5k๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ white pearl mzinga is still steady at 550
Don’t beat your kids, it is doing the opposite of what you want, find other ways to discipline. but if you want to, they is your kids you made them.