Now its a Dress… This Dress

At some point the kenyan man child will have to stop being so godambt predictable!! Eiii noo man.

So this dress is being sold by drip Kenya, I think some young woman wore it to a party and everybody reported the grave matter to Edgar Obare the public chief whip. Some were going on how this is a dress to be worn at the beach (mostly women here) So what if it was a beach cover and she wore it to state house, did anybody die?

But the most amusing thing.. The men.. same same old line we have heard daily from poor bored kenyan man.

Now who will marry you if you dress like that?!!

  • The usual assumptions.
  • A woman gets up dresses nice. FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF GOING TO OUT TO SNAG A MAN.. Women dont do fun stuff, everything women do is to attract MEN.
  • The goal and the only goal a woman has in life and strives to everyday is marriage.
  • And because your goal is a man, you have to dress and behave in a manner that pleases men but also not attract men,, yeah weird I know
  • All women are attracted to men

If you think about this.. I mean look back at those who make these comments.. They are all poor. And have the brains of a water jelly, seriously no woman is even remotely atrracted to these type of men, but here we are so the woman there is thinking, are you the men am supposed to do all of this for? Coz these guys never say I would never marry.. I.. they are always asking which men, coz they are not men.