Nobody taught Daddy how to be a Daddy

You know… Okay you don’t know so imma tell you. The Pope and I have not always had a good relationship. It’s been rough. There was time there in the past we did not speak for years.. I resented him, fiercely!
Thing was I had these expectations of how he should love me and he wasn’t. He wasn’t cutting it at all! Not even remotely close.
In hindsight I see he was loving me the only way he knows how. It’s that time I figured he is just human… Flawed.. There’s no special powers that come with being a father.
But we are older now, there has been immense positive growth, sometimes we slide back but my father and I are putting in the work. We are doing the work.That’s a good thing. I am greatful to be loved and to be able to Love now.. I am in a good place at this point in my life. I am.where I need to be.

#songsformyFather. From my unpublished book. “Nobody taught Daddy how to be a Daddy”. we are not great but it’s good good love. Full of mutual respect and admiration. I can’t complain.