“Big Sister Damaris”

This obviously doesn’t happen to you, but it does happen to me a lot kinda… Ladies, Magents and to others, Cirū Ngigi’s Parade for damaris.

But who doesn’t want to be free?

What girl doesn’t want to one day wake up,

eyes all aglow,

Lantern in her soul,

Sunshine in her pocket,

Treating god right,

Because she is a god?

Who doesn’t want to, “Good morning! I love you”,

Blown kisses at the mirror,

MAC stains where her belly reflects,

Nouba where her booty rises to tease the world,

“I think I’m gorgeous”, sexiness in the spring of her step,

In the way she stretches her arms, yawns,

Prepares a mental checklist of things to do,

Which woman doesn’t look at big sister Damaris and crave,

The independence of living on her own terms,

Speaking her mind,

Dressing for herself,

Working only those things which make her soul sing,

Art collection because fashion is a breathing plant,

Thinking her own thoughts, loud as cannonballs,

Licking a cannonball,

Freedom to love who I will, when I will, how I will, where I will,

To drive out at ten in the night and fear not a soul,

To wear my Tom Ford, walk around smelling like chocolate and never worry of running out,

There’s wild cats, and cool cats and this one cat who’s a calm cat that I must love,

The night’s got dens, and champagne and gorgeous lights and dancing views and I’m just staring at this once beautiful mango tree outside my window,

That I now can’t stand to see because,


Freedom to boss out, and to shut out,

Every voice that says I can’t touch,

To employ, to hire, to fire, to be on fire, bank account on fire,

Freedom in a German machine, a four wheel drive and a bush villa,

Freedom in loving my thoughts,

My own thoughts,

In staring down the demons that try to teach me crazy,

Treat me like I was never loved,

Teach me to silence my passions,

Gag my mind,

I’m looking to buy freedom sir!

You’ve got to have something up my alley, something with little maintenance,

Secure, no need to keep picking calls,

Checking with,

Dressing for, covering up to please,

Some kind of love that challenges me, some love that lets me stay independent,

Freedom to not ever need to fucking need you for a thing…

You know, freedom!