Beauty & the Beast
The Artist’s the dilema and Processes

Am going to tell you about that tittle in a few but first of all.. I must introduce myself. My name is damaris Muga and I am getting really comfortable in my skin.. But I have my moments, I dip between intense self love and self doubt in their extremities. I make mistakes but, am in a good place. I love being damaris, though sometimes she annoys me as fuck! Folks will meet me for the first time and go like wow wow damaris, I really did enjoy meeting you. You have an amazing personality and am thinking, they have not met the others… You know my other personalities. People meet you and want to box you immediately, thats a human flaw.

The best thing happening to me at this point in my life is my people are getting comfortable with my life choices.
They don’t struggle with it. And most importantly they don’t project their wants and needs and desires on me.
I never wanted acceptance. I want you to be comfortable with these choices I am making, me am fine, see it fir what it is so we can be happy in our corners and when in each others spaces or company. I am happy! You should be happy I AM happy. I thought it was that simple. It isn’t and it’s frustrating.

The first time I moved to the bush, my home by the national park, man that place was breathtaking!!! Buuut family was very concerned 😂😂😂 they were convinced I had lost all my nuts. So they said somethings that hurt, and yes coming from a place of love.

The idea of success can be a bit narrow sometimes, preconditioned, so everybody automatically assume you want that, need that, surely you must want this! and if you don’t they really struggle with it. Coz who doesn’t want a huge ass car?!! …. *Clears throat* Me.
You don’t want to have kids????!!!! Nahh.😂😂
I want other things.. just not those. Like when my sis asked me the other day what you need now? I didn’t miss a beat, ducks. I have always wanted ducks. She got me ducks.😂😂 Am so excited!!!

They are no longer struggling and our relationships are so much better. Beautiful even.

Bless up!!